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RUSS SIPES leads THE SIPES LAW FIRM in the litigation of asbestos-related and other catastrophic personal injury cases. His competitive spirit and passion for justice make Russ a relentless advocate for the people he represents. He is an Army veteran, has been a truck driver, factory and construction worker, so he knows what it's like to work hard in hazardous conditions to provide for his family.
As a successful plaintiff's attorney, Russ has represented hundreds of mesothelioma and asbestos-related disease victims and personal injury cases since 1993. He has won multi-million dollar awards for Indiana mesothelioma and asbestos-related cancer victims and their families in cases of contractor and workplace liability. The verdicts in those cases changed Indiana law, paving the way for other cases against negligent employers.
Russ' commitment to victims of asbestos disease, catastrophic injury and workplace injustice extends beyond the courtroom and into the halls of the Statehouse and Congress. He championed legislative and outreach programs that ensure equal protection for the rights of the injured, consumers and working Americans. He has fought tirelessly to protect our right to trial against corporate wrongdoers. As the Executive Director of Common Cause Indiana and a member of the Citizen's Action Coalition Educational Fund Board, Russ worked for open and honest government and consumer rights. His commitment to the law and the Constitution has led him to fight for fair and equal justice for all.
Russ has successfully tried cases around the country, representing clients in many states - from Hawaii to New York to Florida - in both state and federal courts.  He is married to Trish Whitcomb Sipes and has lived in Indianapolis and Indiana his entire life. He and Trish enjoy family and community involvement.
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